Merry Christmas!

(Potica cake, a traditional Slovenian delicacy, pure love.) The most precious pleasure is the ritual, which makes the festive atmosphere, the home smells of Christmas, of joy and gifts. The center of the meal and the most important food of the celebration is Potica. A traditional Slovenian Christmas cake, this one is made from a

The 2020 Wodonga Sessions

Every year Lipstick+ Bread goes to Wodonga and meets with our friends Manfred and Marie Huber for two days of cooking, talking and hedonistic experiments in culinary adventures. The curated menu is always eclectic but definitely focuses on European rustic, traditional and comforting food. We usually also cook some dishes that are difficult to prepare,

Wodonga Cooking Sessions

Every once in a while Lipstick+Bread goes to Wodonga to meet with our great friends Manfred and Marie Huber. Over a few days hedonism and pleasure are being the main things we are interested in and our time is devoted to cooking, eating, talking and spending time together. One thing we always do is that