The Double played their hypnotic blues – new dance- The Dawn of the Double at The Tote in Melbourne and of course we were there. 45 minutes of pure bad ass dance music, meditation and pleasure. We know Jim White, who plays drums as tomorrow is already today, from the Dirty Three. And Emmett Kelly we saw now for the first time but his band The Cairo Gang we knew of from his collaboration with Bonnie Prince Billy.

The rawness of this music and its complexity mixing with the softness of the trance like state one falls into after some ten or fifteen minutes of listening to this amazing stuff is addictive. Not many white boys can play the blues, but these two do it just right. It is sexy and a bit violent and surprisingly bright in its darkness. It is also very uplifting and in a way reminds us of some of the New Orleans stuff we liked when watching the fantastic series Treme. Can you associate this music with food? OK, booze, yes of course but food? Think of a shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich or Cajun ribs, or double fried french fries with beer or what ever floats your boat.  😉

Anyway, this music is just great stuff in every possible way and here for you the last few minutes of the concert.