This is a special drink. It is magic and really smart and super healthy and tasty and easy to make. It is a kind of pleasure that is unusually good for you. Without falling into a health food craze, this is something we definitely like a lot. Dr Ernest Voncina, chemist and renowned expert on toxins invented and designed the drink and we have been witnessing him mixing it and have tasted it too. It is super delicious and pure health.

To make it for 4 persons:

Use a tip of a knife of any chili paste you like. Add a teaspoon of Cornelian cherry. Peel 4 mandarins, a banana, half a lemon, and an orange. If you have a mango and a passion fruit add this too, but don’t worry if you don’t. Add 2 dl home made probiotic. Take Ingver the size of a nut and thinly slice it. Take fresh flax seeds (two table spoons per person), one table spoon of pollen and carob- grind them all to powder and add to the mix. Add also a large spoon of honey. Mix it all with a blender and once mixed, poor in to glasses. Now add some probiotic into each glass. Its important that this one is not mixed with the blender but stays intact.

It is a perfect morning drink, but works of course at any time of the day. The benefits are so very many you would not believe. Seriously!