What’s wrong with this picture? Curated Cooking class on food and advertising design


Chocolate Caramel Crack(ers)

The best Guacamole with a Tacos adventure

Recoding Advertising – a participatory design dish made out of ingredients from food featured in popular advertising.


Advertising is designed to play with our pleasure. Many of the foods we eat we like because of advertising’s seductive powers. The knowledge we have about food and cooking is largely designed through advertising and media.

This specially curated cooking class will look at food advertising and use design to engage with food and learn about cooking in ways which will turn pleasure into an adventure rather than seduction.

We will look at the ultimate addictive food formula and create our own special chocolate caramel crack(ers). Then, we will travel straight to Mexico. The best Guacamole (no joking!) and an adventure into  indigenous and greedy corporate cultures of corn while we will make seductive tacos.  And as the third dish: Inspired by popular advertising we will use surprise ingredients to create our own inventive recipes through a special collaborative design process.

This three-hour, fun, hands-on cooking class with max 12 participants will show you the power and beauty of design and make you a better cook through practice and conversations that delight, question and inspire. You will enjoy a shared meal that we will cook, and you will take some addictive chocolate lusciousness home. How you will use it is up to you!


Adults $90

Concession: Students, Senior, Unemployed $60

Amazing value for a 3 hour hands-on workshop with take home your own sweets + What’s wrong with this picture food recipes and a community feast to finish!

Note: The workshop will be vegan friendly!