I am visiting Swiss typographer and cook Manfred Huber, who moved not long ago from Melbourne to Wodonga. Lipstick and Bread was born out of some of our very early discussions years ago we had in Melbourne. Another place with Lipstick and Bread DNA would be the beautiful island of Ugljan on the Adriatic sea. It was here where the name itself was born while lying on the beach and reading and listening to the waves in the golden late afternoon sun.

But anyway, here we are in very provincial conservative Wodonga exploring the majestic cuisine of Alsase + doing  a day of socialist food. Pate made of chicken liver with white wine, brandy, and the Alsase spice salt is an absolute pleasure. Fire charred potato with Liptauer- it is the first time we made it – tastes amazing! Burek the Great for dinner and today back to Alsase again: Rabbit in Pinot Noir. This will be accompanied with plum and raspberry jam and Spaetzle, straight out of Omma Lisa’s kitchen from St Gallen in Switzerland.