Socialist food


Riga Sprat sandwich


Burek the Great

Pancakes with Walnuts and cream

+ Che Guevarra

There was never a proper celebration in socialism without cold dishes that will remind people’s palate of the joys of life. The Riga sprat sandwich and Liptauer will do just this. Over a long history this food delighted people across different political systems. It could be the food of Hungarian revolutionaries, Austrian aristocrats or Russian peasants. Either way its so good, it might even make you want to become a socialist. 🙂 And then Burek the Great. The quintessential street food of Yugoslavia and beyond, this delicious dish is as much about pleasure as it is about politics. The pancakes with walnuts and cream have been another favorite at special occasions and as this is a special occasion, we will eat many. As we will travel through the culinary landscapes of socialism, Che Guevarra will be with us too.

This three hour hands-on cooking class of max 10 participants will revolutionize the way you think about food.