The Double at the Tote

The Double played their hypnotic blues - new dance- The Dawn of the Double at The Tote in Melbourne and of course we were there. 45 minutes of pure bad ass dance music, meditation and pleasure. We know Jim White, who plays drums as tomorrow is already today, from the Dirty Three. And Emmett Kelly

Dr Ernest Magic drink

This is a special drink. It is magic and really smart and super healthy and tasty and easy to make. It is a kind of pleasure that is unusually good for you. Without falling into a health food craze, this is something we definitely like a lot. Dr Ernest Voncina, chemist and renowned expert on

The Original Lady of St Kilda Pirate Sardine Sandwich

I made this sandwich at our recent Lipstick and Bred Pirate Food performances at the Village Festival and people just loved it. I have promised to publish the recipe, so here it is. A big favorite of mine, which I started to prepare long time ago had now become a dish ready to touch the

Village Festival World Kitchen Sessions

  Lipstick and bread was invited to perform at the fantastic Village Festival's World Kitchen held on Acland street in St Kilda and Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy. Menu: magic Caribbean treasure Rum and the one and only Lady of St Kilda Pirate Sardine Sandwich! It was immense pleasure and fun. Everyone loved the amazing

Pirate Food Cooking Class :)

The Pirate Food cooking class was a fun exploration of delicious pirate food and conversations on what can we learn from pirates today. Did you know that pirates were very much about pleasure? So was this class. But pirates were also the ones who created utopian worlds outside of the ruling system and developed a

Matcha soba noodles with Slovenian chanterelle mushrooms

Slovenia is a small country in the middle of Europe. It is right next to north Italy, below Austria, west of Hungary and north of Croatia. The food is unique and amazing. Just consider this: Slovenia as a country of only two million people has 23 designated culinary regions! Lipstick and Bread is currently in


Our first EAT ME Zine is out fresh and will be given to the participants of the Pirate Food cocking class coming up on September 2nd at CERES community kitchen in Brunswick East. EAT ME lovingly contains special recipes for dishes that we will learn to cook as well as some extra pirate thoughts which

Lipstick and Bread, bread recipe

OK, so after sharing this photo on social media we have been asked to share the recipe of it - which we gladly do. The beauty of this recipe is that it is super easy to prepare, but among the many bread recipes we have been using it gives by far the best results. This