Amazing Slovenian beef soup, Melbourne way

One of the most famous Slovenian dishes is a beef soup. Pretty much every Slovenian home cooks it, especially for weekends and even more so in the winter months. Japan has Ramen, Slovenia has 'beef soup'. It is also a must have in taverns around Slovenia, usually served with thin noodles. A larger group would

Wodonga Cooking Sessions

Every once in a while Lipstick+Bread goes to Wodonga to meet with our great friends Manfred and Marie Huber. Over a few days hedonism and pleasure are being the main things we are interested in and our time is devoted to cooking, eating, talking and spending time together. One thing we always do is that

The Pleasures of Magic Napoli Pizza

In a very special place, Inside the beautiful Quartieri Spagnoli in magic Napoli, we found this amazing out of this world Pizzeria. Pizzeria Prigiobbo serves traditional Napoli pizza but this is a restaurant not for tourists but for locals and as authentic as it gets. The atmosphere was divine, the Pizza's could not be better

Matera Il Terra del Pane Food Democracy Sessions

Lipstick+ Bread was invited to do a series of specially curated cooking workshops in the magic city Matera, in south Italy as part of the festival Il Terra del Panne- The Land of Bread. The workshops were part of the Food Democracy book sessions, so we chose to cook from the book while discussing its

Lipstick+Bread @ Piers Festival

What can we learn from Pirates today? Lipstick+Bread at Pier's festival at the Station Pier in Melbourne. This time together with the young pirate! The happy people visiting the festival have been taken on a real adventure.  They were treated with and learned how to cook and prepare The magic Caribbean Pirate (Rum) Drink, and

Dinner, Charles Bukowski (1933)

  when my father ate his lips became greasy with food. and when he ate he talked about how good the food was and that most other people didn’t eat as good as we did. he liked to sop up what was left on his plate with a piece of bread, meanwhile making appreciative sounds