Boogaloo Food


Kim Chi

Midnight Ramen

Submarine or Bloody Mary

Charred Tomato Rice

+ Charles Bukowski


What do you eat when you get your boogaloo on? Drunk food is a special category of food like a Bloody Mary is a special category of drink. This class will teach you how to cook food that will keep your party going. We will make Kim Chi- the ultimate hangover cure. With this we will cook a special Midnight Ramen soup, which you can eat in the late hours of the evening. The charred tomato rice dish is so good and easy to cook- a perfect companion for late nights.

Who could be more appropriate to keep us company than Charles Bukowski as we will read his poetry and discuss how different cultures like to experience pleasure. Oh, and you will take a jar of your own Kim Chi home and learn how to make a Submarine.

This three hour hands-on cooking class with max 10 participants will make you become a lover of cooking food for late nights or the next day and open your heart to pleasure even more.