Do you remember Michael Douglas in the cult movie Falling Down, holding a cheese burger in his hand, comparing it with the advertisement and asking: “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Invited by the National Gallery of Victoria as part of Melbourne Design Week, this specially curated Lipstick + Bread cooking class looked at food advertising and used design to engage with food and learn about cooking in ways which turned pleasure into an adventure rather than seduction.

The surprising menu consisted of dishes that related to advertisings tendency to represent food as drugs as well as the fact that many of the food we eat have been designed to work like drugs and evoke pleasures, which not rarely lead to addiction. But we were cooking experimentally and actually explored the fine lines between pleasure as mindless seduction or critical adventure. Think of the taste bomb KimChi Quesadilla, a dish we recently found in LA and developed it further.. Think of the hyper addictive chocolate caramel crack(ers). Think of the difference between industrial tortillas and ones made of with the ancient Nixtamal method. The three corse menu was finished with a co design process, deconstructing extreme pizzas and making a new dish out of its ingredients. What was it? Well… that will remain a secret.




I really enjoyed the workshop and how through proper cooking we explored how food and its perception is affecting our behavior and opinion around it. 

Provocative and funny, the class inspired me in new ways of thinking and I really engaged with all the work done! 

Also, I learned a lot more about beautiful and delicious recipes and…tasted them as well!! 🙂 



Marco Regis, Participant


I am fully inspiring by the workshop and everyone who participated. It points out a totally new angle to view food for me. In the workshop, we looked closer of all the pure ingredients and processed them into amazing cuisines. Without all the influence of the environment and marketing skills. I surprisingly find out how they impact my dietary habits and behaviors.


In the modern world, information flow is unbelievably fast and diversified. People, including me, rarely slow down to concern about what kind of food that we are consuming. After this workshop, I feel more enjoyable in the food and in the kitchen.

And the guacamole recipe is the best.



Chiao Huang, Participant.