(Potica cake, a traditional Slovenian delicacy, pure love.)

The most precious pleasure is the ritual, which makes the festive atmosphere, the home smells of Christmas, of joy and gifts. The center of the meal and the most important food of the celebration is Potica. A traditional Slovenian Christmas cake, this one is made from a recipe of our grand grandmother probably some 140 years old. A rich and creamy filling of butter and walnuts, eggs, rum, lemon zest, sugar rolled into on opulent dough, baked slowly in old metal molds is what makes this cake melt in your mouth and your heart sing.

One day we will make a cooking class and teach you how to do it. The last year and a half we have been more quiet, for obvious reasons. We did a fabulous Tropical Sunset cooking class, developed new recipes and worked on a art-restaurant idea. We are planning big things in 2022, with several cooking classes and a whole festival. We can’t wait to be in touch with the community again.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and may the year 2022 bring you culinary pleasures warming your hearts and lifting your souls. See you soon!