What can we learn from Pirates today? Lipstick+Bread at Pier’s festival at the Station Pier in Melbourne. This time together with the young pirate! The happy people visiting the festival have been taken on a real adventure.  They were treated with and learned how to cook and prepare The magic Caribbean Pirate (Rum) Drink, and the Lady of St Kilda Pirate Sardine Sandwich! And they could learn that Pirates have always been all about pleasure and someone actually claimed they were socialists. 😉 Woot?? No kidding! For more about pirates and pirate food, well you would need to be there in person. But don’t worry we will do more of our popular cooking classes.  It was a glorious sunny day, and cooking on the Station pier just next to the see was simply amazing.



A few hundred people came along watching us cook during the day, talk and have fun. Besides Lipstick+ Bread Vinko and his son made a Croatian Stew, The gnocchi queen made fantastic gnocchi with her mother- who BTW came as a young girl in the early 50’s to Australia and actually landed on this very pier so long ago. And in the end Johara from Somalia made this amazing bread dish. Thank you Evi van der Niet for inviting us and all the amazing work with the World Kitchen. It was a big pleasure!!